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Stored procedures
Make calculations easier with the calculator
You need to get the result of an operation but you don't have a calculator? Use the calculator in your application.
The context menu of the control has a "Calculator" option. This calculator allows you to perform standard operations.
Automatic calculator
Simply click OK and the number displayed in the calculator will appear in your control.
Remark: This calculator is available both in numeric Edit controls and numeric controls in table columns.

Tip: how to quickly change a numeric value?

To quickly increase or reduce a numeric value in an Edit control, simply use the mouse wheel.
The increment is set to 1 by default: when the value is selected in the control, each action performed on the wheel modifies the value by 1.
If the cursor is positioned in the value, the increment or decrement operation will be performed on the digit to the left of the cursor. For example, if the cursor is positioned between hundreds and thousands, the increment or decrement will be applied to the thousands (+ 1000 or -1000).